Comprehensive FoodPharmacy Program

The FoodPharmacy Program integrates state- of–the-art computer software with the most sophisticated nutritional research – both modern and ancient – to customize a nutritional program that is optimal to support you in reaching your health goals. Your FoodPharmacy® Program customizes your nutritional program for many unique factors, including:

* Diagnosed health conditions * Sub-clinical symptomatology * Blood type * Body type * Autonomic type (neuro-endocrine) * Oxidation rate (glycolysis, beta-oxidation, Krebs) * Allergies * Intolerances * Micro-nutrient imbalances * Macro-nutrient ratios * Ideal weight * Lifestyle factors

Your FoodPharmacy® Program will place approximately 140 foods into one of four categories:

1) Ideal foods 2) Neutral foods 3) Foods to eat very rarely 4) Foods to avoid

Your FoodPharmacy® Program gives you not only more flexibility but also more guidance on what to eat to balance your mind and body through nutrition. This evaluation includes:

1. A complete intermediate level metabolic type evaluation and report 2. Diet Therapy screening for the most important factors that can effect your health. 3. Appropriate supplement recommendations that are right for your individual Metabolic type and support you in reaching your health goals. 4. Appropriate therapeutic recipes to support you in your health goals. 5. Valuable resources to supply you with the delicious high quality foods that will be part of your program. 6. A Seventy-five minute consultation (in person or by phone) to review your entire program including customize nutrition program, supplements and other helpful tips and resources.

Cost: $90 for a Seventy-five minute session.


Lisa Estvold-Cascade, BA, CNC. Advice and guidance from a gentle, holistic perspective.

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