Energy Healing

As a health consultant, I’m very excited by the value of the general field of natural health generally known as “energy healing” using knowledge of the human bio-field. The most commonly described energy healing modalities in recent research include, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, and Reiki. If you find yourself skeptical, let me provide a reference for you to consider: “Biofield Therapies: Helpful or Full of Hype? A Best Evidence Synthesis” (International Journal of Behavioral Medicine; March 2010, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp 1–16) that reviews 66 scientific research studies done on the efficacy of these healing modalities.

Generally, biofield therapy practitioners share these common assumptions:
  • The human body has a subtle energy system that interpenetrates the physical anatomy and extends outward beyond it.
  • The subtle energy may be conceptualized as universal energy or vital energy flowing through and available to all beings.
  • The normal self-healing capacity of the human body is supported by the free and balanced flow of energy through its subtle energy system.
  • Disease or disorder can be detected in the energy system (perhaps before it manifests in the physical body) and can be affected therapeutically by the action of energy practitioners, in support of the self-healing capacity of the body.
  • Conscious healing intent and compassion are considered essential to the effectiveness of biofield therapies.


The most recent evolution of this healing modality is called Bioenergetics, as significantly advanced by the work of Dr. Peter Fraser. Bioenergetics is a field in biochemistry and cell biology that concerns energy flow through living systems. (definition) After many years of practicing and teaching Traditional Chinese Medicine in Australia, Dr. Fraser sought a deeper understanding of what makes the body function properly. That intention led Dr. Fraser to intensively study the most advanced research in the field of quantum physics. NES Health, as developed in 2002 by Harry Massey and Dr. Fraser, is a total wellness system based on Dr. Fraser’s 25 years of research mapping the human body-field. The science behind NES Health is based on the study of the ancient wisdom embedded in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurdeva, the traditional system of medicine in India, among many sources.

Read more about my new NES Health practice, which puts into action the principles of Bioenergetics on this page!

Recommended book for more background on Bioenergetics: “Decoding the Human Bio-Field: The New Science of Information as Medicine” by Fraser and Massey

The human body-field is a complex, structured network of fields that interpenetrates the physical body and underlies all physiology. | MORE

“…at this level of biophysics, the source of health in the body (as well as its deterioration) is clearly evident: properly organized information and energy within the body equates to overall well-being and an “optimal blueprint” for homeostasis and health.”

See also: An Introduction to the Human Body Field (PDF)


The video below is a trailer for the documentary, “The Living Matrix” that may shed some light on the potential value of Bioenergetics in your search for more vibrant health.

You can further investigate the potential value for you and your health via a series of video (podcast) interviews conducted by natural health consultant, Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC, CHHC and Harry Massey (see clips below)…

VIDEO: An Introduction To Bioenergetics – An interview with NES Health co-founder, Harry Massey (interviewed by Wendy Myers)

ALSO: An Interview With NES Health Co-Founder Peter Fraser (interviewed by Harry Massey)

Read more about my new NES Health practice, which puts into action the ideas and principles of Bioenergetics on this page!