John’s experience with NES Health

John Jordan-Cascade, health educator and advocate

I’d like to offer a testimonial from having used NES Health assessment scans and the suggested infoceuticals with each scan for the past 9 months.
I wrote these in 2 stages:

Within a week of using the recommended infoceuticals, I was able to rid all pain in my right arm that had been getting progressively worse for at least 2 months. After only 6 weeks of using the infoceuticals, I felt a significant boost in my energy and vitality. This improvement has come slowly and steadily which tells me that the changes are coming from a deep internal rejuvenation. I have also noticed a boost in mental clarity and a shift toward being more driven and focused.

I have long known that energy is the basis of ANY change for the better. The problem has always been, how do I get the energy I need? The regimens I follow have provided me with a significant improvement in my overall energy level. As a result, I am beginning to regain the hope that I can make the changes I need for a better life.”

This testimonial came after about 5 months of experience:

During the Spring and Summer, I had enough energy to be able to tackle a large yard of blackberry vines that had been steadily taking over our back yard for 3 years. I just never had the energy or drive to take care of it.

In addition, I’ve had ongoing problems with my teeth for as long as I can remember. In fact, every time I went for a checkup I was (sadly) reminded of the difficulty of growing older (for me): decline in the quality of my teeth. Until NES Health….The latest check-up was about 5 months after I started my regimen of NES Health infoceuticals. I was very surprised that the checkup presented good news that was FAR better than it had been in at least 5 years! The quality and integrity of my gums were markedly better–so much so that my dentist asked what I had been doing differently. I declined to tell him and just shrugged. He said I must have been improving my brushing technique (I hadn’t really). He then smiled broadly and asked to shake my hand and congratulated me on my progress!”