Lisa at her new office in Eugene. | Photo by John Jordan-Cascade

Everyone is different. A diet from a best-selling author may help one person feel fit and healthy, but may yield poor results for YOU. I can help you create a wellness plan to achieve your 2019 health goals.

Contact me to discover how easy it is to start an initial NES Health bio-scan and consultation. Let’s discover what your body is telling you it needs for radiant health!

I’m a Certified Nutritional Consultant and trained NES Health practitioner based in lovely, green Lane County, Oregon. I look forward to collaborating with you to create an individualized program that guides you toward radiant health. My approach starts with NES Health bio-scan* and consultation based on the results from that scan. The bio-scan can provide 200+ bio markers of what is going on, qualitatively, with your body for that day we create a scan. I can then create a health action plan that incorporates clearly defined goals. You also have the option of ordering the regimen of infoceuticals** that are recommended, specifically for you and your situation. By taking the infoceuticals recommended via the NES Health portal, you have the opportunity to correct the distortions in the body field and bring it back to its original blueprint. Follow up appointments are offered either in-person, via phone or video conferencing.

NES Health Scan and Consultation (NEW!)
Metabolic Typing
Hair Mineral Analysis
Allergy assessment, meal-planning and recipe suggestions

From my perspective all chronic health issues arise from a combination of four primary causes: toxicity, nutrient deficiencies, emotional trauma and stress and chronic infections. For a person to heal from chronic illness and return to vital health, one must assess diet, emotional stress and clear chronic infections. I offer programs to do just that for my clients.

I also specialize in helping people change their dietary habits and (especially) find healthy alternatives if they find out they have wheat and gluten allergies.

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* Bioscan: By connecting your Body-Field scanner, with a single click and a few seconds, the software (downloadable) will return a richly detailed overview, including multiple screens with a graphical presentation of the Body-Field’s condition and how this field supports overall wellness.

** Infoceuticals: information-imprinted structured water, which helps to re-establish your original bio-fields.